What Are the CS Go Ranks?

Counter Strike Go is a skill-based, multi-player online shooting game that lets players strategise and play tactically with a fully immersive kind of game play. The game has many levels to reach before you become a master at it. Let’s have a look at the various ranks:

  1. Private Rank 2 (PVT 2) – since this is a military game, a lot of people who know the rank structure of the military know that this is the lowest level and can be annoying if you are a seasoned player of the game. A lot of players buy Smurf accounts to play at this level, just for kicks
  2. Silvers – among the levels, this is the most popular and a lot of Smurf accounts are for this level
  • Gold Novas – by far the most desirable level to play at. Once a player logs in to play CS Go, they will find themselves up to Gold Nova in no time, provided they are playing well enough.
  1. Master guardian / Master Guardian Elite – this is an advanced level of play and this is where the pyramid structure of expertise in CS Go comes into effect.
  2. Distinguised Master Guardian – another extremely high rank and this is around the level at which gamers tend to buy Smurf accounts so that they can play the game
  3. Legendary Eagle – this level can get pretty lonely because a lot of people don’t feel they can engage with other players. However, there is a flip side too, some new players tend to buy Smurf accounts to play at this level because they know they can never reach it on their own.
  • Legendary Eagle Master – another high level of game play that involves a lot of people either SMurfing to downrank ot Smurfing to gain rank!

For a new player of CS Go, one of the options of playing is to buy smurf account and play like a pro. This enables players to enjoy higher level of game play without the experience.